Acer laptop switches off after 2 seconds

hi my freinds acer laptop switches off after 2 seconds,the fan starts then shuts off ,screen remains blank,tried differnt power supplies but samething happens,could it be the mother board or just a loose connection inside?
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  1. Hello penningtoncolin;

    Motherboard or CPU failure are possibilities.
    Loose connections? Not so likely but also a possibility.
    Any chance the laptop might have been dropped recently?
  2. he says not but has been in loft for a while,dampness got to it?
  3. Reseat the memory modules, make sure the Battery has a charge and make sure the AC adapter is working and has the proper wattage(usually 60w)... Try removing the battery and AC adapter, then hold the power button for 30 seconds.. then put only the AC adapter back into the laptop and try turning it on. Also, remove HD and wireless card.

    If you satisfy all these but the PC still won't boot, then you may have a bad motherboard. Sorry. (Is it under warranty?)

    Dampness... as long as it wasn't being used while it was "damp", it probably didn't cause any damage. But I guess it's a possibility. I have had people spill cups of coffee onto a laptop; and once it dries they have no issues... but then again, they may have just gotten lucky.
  4. ive checked ac adapter its fine it ,checked it on another laptop,also removed battery and done the power button thing,but i never took the cards out ,will give it a go thanks for the advice your a star
  5. just checked the fan its not loose,taken card out and HD,still no joy,its a fairly old laptop and not under warrenty,i think its dead,oh well,best tell my mate to get his hand in his pocket,thanks for all your help guys
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