vivo video card ?

what does the vivo feature on the video card do?
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  1. It stands for video in/video out, and does just that, it connects via a video in cable (not coaxial) so you could watch tv from your computer but it cannot be directly connected to the coaxile cable you must go through a vcr or use the video out from an existing tv or plug in an analog video camera and capture video from it. Also it includes the video out feature (which i beleive all ti4xxx's come with) so you could give presentations on a tv. I would say that the ATI all in wonders have better capabilities than the vivo's but the vivo's are cheeper.
  2. Technically a 'video in cable' IS coaxial, it's just coaxial RCA/Phono jacks/cable. What you mean is cableTV cable which is also coaxial, but 75ohm RG-XX stuff (not RJ-XX).
    Some VIVO are s-video only, but they are rarer. But worth it (better).
    Actually the qulity of the VIVO is usually equal to the ATI AIWs you just have to compare input type to input type. But usually the quality is about the same. HIS makes a few VIVO Radeons (9000, 9500) so that's really a better solution for someone not wanting to change channls or have PVR functions through the computer. And hey a cheap VCR and VIVO card may do just as well for less as an AIW.

    Just my 2 frames worth.

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