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Hello, keyboard is not working some of the keys are completely useless i sent it when it was under warranty and they repaired it then once again, and now that is aout of the warranty no one takes resonsability neither the rtailer nor LG assuming the retailer (future shop) repaired it an not but when i brought to FS they said it was sent to lg. anyways i believe this is a factory problem and i am wondering if is worth spend more money to fix it.
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  1. Cheap to get a new keyboard, swap it out yourself. Check ebay.

    Does not mean that it's a manufacturing issue, you eat over the keyboard? Bang on keys? Stuff happens.
  2. It just out of warranty.

    Which brand or where you purchase it doesn't matter.

    Out of warranty is out of warranty.

    Try to purchase one or two more years of warranty card if you can.
  3. You should be able to purchase a replacement keyboard, either from ebay as hang-the-9 said or from an approved parts vendor.

    Swapping them out is usually fairly easy. A few screws on the back and most will pop out. Some require you to take off a bezel just above the keyboard, usually where touch sensitive keys are.
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