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Need a cheep video card for my system. It will only be temporary for like 3 months however i cannot stand my Ati rage pro (8mb). I was thinking either a radeon 7500 (64mb) the nvidia geforce 4mx (64mb) or any other offerings maybe the sis xabre 400. I don't want to pay more than 65 usd however, because there would be no point speending alot on a card that will last 3 months (then i get a 9800pro). So i don't want anyone to tell me to get a 9500pro. This will be part of a small upgrade of my system (i will also get 512mb of pc133)
The specs are
PIII 700 at 7x112 (784mhz limited by mem hence the mem upgrade to pc133 below)
Ati rage pro 8mb (agp 2x)
440bx mainboard (lucky star I know old school)
256mb of pc100 (soon to be replaced by 512mb of pc133)
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  1. If its only going to be for 3 months, you could go with a Geforce2MX for only <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?description=14-135-103" target="_new">$32</A>. It isn't much but it is alot better than what you have now. Otherwise I'd go with the 7500.

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  2. Well i forgot to mention that this computer would still be used after I build my new system (but it will be a backup so to speak) therefore i would don't want to sink to that level of cards.
  3. In that case (thought it wouldn't be used after 3 months :)) maybe a GeForce3 Ti200. Better than both a MX or a 7500, and they are around $65-75 now a days.

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  4. I would go with the GAINWARD/CARDEXPERT MX450-TV 64MB 4XAGP GEFORCE4 MAX-440SE SDR VGA W/TV OUT for like $40 since the 7500 goes for bout $60

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  5. well i looked at benchmarks and it seems that the 440 and 460 cards do better than ati's 7500 for a very simular price. So i think I'll get a good 440 based card and OC it hopfuly to 460 clock speeds. What brand of geforce mx cards overclock the best. Also what core are these cards based on is it the geforce 2 core?
  6. For about $50 or so, yes the 440mx will do fine in your system. Beware of the mx440-SE, it's only a slightly faster version of the 420!

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  7. Stick with the main point - Nvidia. If you get Ati, youll have more problems than you can imagine. Nvidia is professional and a classic leader, by far the best products.
  8. You are in no position to be judging anything since you can't get anything to work right with your PC. You have a problem with everything.

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  9. Gee is that why Im running over 16,300 in 3dmark you retard? Playing any game I want anytime?

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    If anyone wants advice theyre better off listening to me and getting something worth the money and reliable. Im not required to help out, but its my service because I know people need some advice so they can do the right thign. I feel good knowing Im helping them make the correct descision.
  10. Don't bullshit with me. You have had a problem with every component in your PC and are starting to spam the forums with one sided opinions since you couldn't get your 9700 Pro to work.

    You've had problems with your watercooling, motherboards, sound, CPU's, videocards, and anthing else that I forgot. Normally I would dismiss it as a case of bad luck but in your case I think it's just a lack of knowledge and skill.

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  11. I've noticed that you just go into forums and bash ATi cards. Are you trying to incite flame wars or something?
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