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My new HD is a WD 80gb, on a Gigabyte 7DXR+ maingboard. How do I partition it for XP, Fat32 or NTFS, and how. I have a floppy coppy of Partition Magic 6 that seems to take ages to do anything. I have used it to partition the drive to NTFS, but XP will still not load correctly from the CD.
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    How do I partition it for XP, Fat32 or NTFS, and how.

    It totally depends on what you want. If you want it compatible to other Windows such as Win 98, ME which cannot access drive that have NTFS format, you should choose FAT. When you first install XP from CD, you have an option to format your drive either in FAT32 or NTFS.
    Partition Magic 6 is not compatible to XP. You need PM 8.0.

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  2. Not to cop out on you but there is a pretty good web site that will get you going. My recommendation is NTFS because it is more stable and you can use permissions on your files if you have multiple users. For this though, I would use XP pro because the way they do it in XP Home is a little ridiculous; enough said. You also need to check and see if your CDRom drive is first in the boot order in your BIOS. If you need to know how to do any of this please let me know

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  3. The install CD has a utility to create partitions. Try deleting the partition you made and start again booting off the CD. Check the boot sequence in the BIOS as said above.
    Good luck...

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