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So recently I was able to acquire a hp G60 laptop. The original owner's screen broke so he took out the whole display opened up the laptop and then gave it to me to have some fun with. I only have the bottom housing of the laptop and I'm pretty sure all those parts are there except for maybe a couple of antennas and a battery (I'm assuming that they were in the top housing with the screen).

I have pretty much taken everything out and just left the motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive, keyboard (the laptop one), and power buttons connected. I have also plugged a HDMI into a monitor. Since I do not have a battery, I just connect the laptop to the AC adapter. When I power the computer on, it appears to be functioning right. The power LED is on, I see some activity in the hard drive, the fan is blowing warm air, and you can hear a nice hum resonating from the computer. There are no warning beeps or led's showing (I'm not even sure if laptops have these if there is a problem). The only thing that I see that could be strange is that there is no more hard drive activity after I press the power button.

Even though it seems to be running alright, there is no signal coming out of the HDMI display port. I have not tried the VGA port just because I don't have a cable at this moment. I can't seem to figure out the problem because I have no display and everything appears fine. My hunch is that maybe the laptop defaults to the laptops LCD screen and then windows or some hp software would switch the signal to one of the other display ports, but I have no experience with laptops so this could be false.

What could be causing no signal out of my display ports and what are some solutions to fixing it?
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  1. motherboard. HP's are NOTORIOUS for bad boards... throw it in the trash, the g60s are some of the cheapest laptops i've ever worked on.
  2. A key combination is needed sometimes needed to switch video to an external monitor. On my asus its fn+F8.
  3. Well I am sure the laptop is working now. I was able to attach some speakers to it and I can hear windows sounds and stuff and I can shut down the computer by memorizing what arrow keys are needed haha. I might need some drivers installed, to get the display working. I downloaded some display drivers, but I can't install them on the harddrive if it is connected to my personal pc. Is there any way I can install these drivers on the the hard drive or even do work on it without a screen?
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