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Having problem in playing games with Gefore2 GTS

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May 7, 2003 3:25:28 AM

I have a weird problem that I found recently.Everytime I played WarCraft3, NBA2003, and Need for Speed-Hot Pursuit2, the system restarted immediately. However, I didn't have problem playing Counter-Strike.I had installed a 512mb because I lost 2 pieces of 256mb.Before installing 512mb, I didnt have problem with Warcraft3. I did update DirectX to 9.0a version and lastest Nvidia 43.51 driver.Do you guys know what problem is this? Here is my system:
FuturePower VIA KT133 motherboard(My motherboard is supported 512mb)
640 PC133 SDRam(1 piece 128, 1 piece 512)
Visiontek Geforce2 GTS
Maxtor 80GB
Sony 8X4X32X CDRW
Samsung 48X CD-Rom
Sound Blaster Live Mp3

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May 7, 2003 3:44:49 AM

What do you mean you lost two pieces of 256mb? need to try adjusting the cas-latency on your new's in your system bios. Try upping the number on all your available memory timings...or if you can, go into your bios and write down everything it says about AGP aperature(memory) size/memory/blah blah get the idea...and report back.

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May 7, 2003 5:50:36 PM

Thanx for helping me. Someone stolen my memory when i was not in my dorm. That's why I installed 512mb. I did adjust memory latency. My both 128mb and 512mb are pc133, so i settled to 133 instead of 100. Here is my initial bio AGP setting;
AGP Fast Write-Disabled
AGP Master 1 WS Write-Enabled
AGP Master 1 WS Read-Enabled
AGP Aperture Size-64M(4,8,16,32,128 are also available)
AGP Rate Mode-Auto(1X,2X,4X available)
AGP Driving Control-Auto
Do you think I need to change any setting here?
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May 7, 2003 7:16:40 PM

usually when computers restart during games/heavy applications its from overheating

check your fans to see if they are clean, blah blah.. clean out your computer.

also, try turning your cas time to 3. wont make a difference in performance really on your computer


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