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I'll try again...I'm having issues following a Microsoft XP
auto-update (http.sys update.)

I have 3 computers (all XP) on my network running off of an
MN-500, and the one computer that went through the update
won't connect the internet (immediately folling the
update,) but connects to the network fine.

I've powered down (and back up) the MN-500, tried
connecting via ethernet (as opposed to the current usb
wireless connection) and then, as a last resort, reset my
base. All end up the same... able to connect to the network
(access the other two computers) but no internet connectivity.

ipconfig/all shows I'm getting an IP adress, so the only
thing I can think of is this blasted http.sys update that
went through.

Has anyone else gone through the http.sys XP auto-update
that came through? I'm not 100% sure that it's what caused
this issue, but it seems the likely subject given the
evidence. I'm definitely not letting the other two computer
user run through the update (I'm currently stuck borrowing
my wife's laptop to post this.)
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

    No problem with http.sys and MN500 here.

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