Will be enough??

will be a e-450 with 4gb of ram enough for programming and maybe using virtual macines(just 1), or i should pick the a p6200 with only 2gb of ram?

other things i will do with it: 1080 youtube, play LoL, work(student) things, but the main purpose is programming.(that are my only 2 options for the moment)

thanks :D
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  1. The e-450 is very weak and mainly made for basic computing tasks such as web surfing, light word processing, etc.. The P6200 is better, but still not really enough, especially with only 2gb ram, most of which will be used by Windows. 4gb ram would help.

    If you can afford it, a Core i3 processor with 4gb ram would be best.
  2. what about a i3-370m with 3gb of ram?? can it run 1080???
  3. On the laptop screen you should be able to run 1080 with no issues.
  4. well i just got a laptop with a i7-720qm(with a fx880m) used for the price of the i3 one, now my questions is it only come with 2gb of ram(ddr3 1066) so i will buy a stick of 4gb of ram for it, but my local store only have ddr3 1333, will be compabilitie issues with the 1066?
  5. Should not be a problem. According to the Intel site, the processor can handle 1066 or 1333, and up to 8gb. However, it does work a little better with dual channel(both slots filled). If your intent is to get one 4gb module now, and another later, that will be fine. I am assuming it has 64 bit Windows 7 on it? If so, 8gb ram(2x4gb) would be ideal. 32 bit Windows will not recognize or use above 4gb.

    It sounds like a very nice machine.
  6. its on 64bit, i am planning to put the 4gb stick with the 2gb one, so i can have 6gb of ram.
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