Asus g74sx or something else

Hello everyone,

I recently sold my desktop computer and I am in search of a power house laptop.

A few of my friends have recommended the Asus G74SX for me but it is a bit pricey and does not have 1080p.

I have searched online for a few laptops but most are either $1000+ or are unavailable.

I was hoping to get another opinion on a better option, as this won't work for me.

I would like:

$600 - $850
1080p on a 15"+ screen
560m as I was told it's the best for the money and I might aswell get the best right away.
and above all I would love reliability and durability so it will last.

I can also oc if that helps with making a decision.

weight, looks, battery life are of no importance at all.
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  1. G74SX has a 1080p display unless you've found a different model.
    Consider ASUS G53SW too if you need a 15" display w/1080p resolution
  2. Mostly the pc is being used for editing of video, music and some bf3 (who can refuse that beast of a game) but I also do not have a lot of money to pay for a machine at once (generally speaking a minimum of $1000 to do what I need).

    I was hoping maybe I could get a good processor maybe i7 and a durable case to sustain more upgrades(like the g74sx ,which is perfect and i love the look but is a bit pricey and it does not have 1080p , which I would like).

    I would not mind spending that money, later in terms of upgrading, in a few weeks but not all at once.

    Pretty much what I am saying is I would like the cheapest laptop and I would like to upgrade it and I have a friend who can oc it a little to make it perfect.

    I would like to pretty much buy a laptop with a weak card and in about a week or so upgrade to a 560m or above.

    Most laptops that are 1000+ are great but they have unnecessary additions that I have no use for such as 500gb+ hdd, 12gb+ ram, add-on software, and a shiny case.

    I can get all the software I need from a few buddies, I would like 2gb of ram and upgrade it later to 8gb ( the max that I will need) I do not care about weight, ugliness of the pc, nor do I care about a large hdd ( We will have a server which will hold all of the data so the max space I would need in my laptop is only 100gb, and I could even get less and upgrade to a ssd later, since they charge a lot to put it in a pc when they sell it as a complete package).

    What I would like is:
    Reliable company ( hp, dell, samsung, asus, toshiba or others) and a decent warranty but it won't be abused(physical damage), so I need a warranty that covers hardware and software malfunctions(card, ram, fans, screen, processor, power supply, ... )

    Laptop with room and ability to upgrade ram (8gb),card (560m), small hdd (upgrade to ssd later), 17"+ screen (must be 1080p),

    Don't care about: weight, looks,software, or additional accessories (keyboards, mice, covers, cases, stands)

    I know I can make a desktop which will have 3x more performance for the money but I need this for the reasons mentioned above and it must be portable.

    I will be looking at the best deal that I can find(online or in stores) as I would like to have it bought by Monday and have it in my hands by Friday, if possible of course.
    The money I have to play with is about $600 and I will have more for the upgrades in a bit.

    If what I am asking for is truly too much(impossible) then please recommend a laptop for me that is close to what I desire.

    Thank you very much for everyone's help from my previous posts and for any help with this post.
  3. The g74sx I was talking about. Good deal if it had 1080p, imo.
  4. Right.
    Just checked ASUS' website and they've listed 1600x900 as an option.
    Unfortunately within your budget(under $1000),it's hard to find a gaming laptop w/1080p display.Toshiba Qosmio is also an option but lacks a 1080p display
  5. So there is no laptop that I can get with good screen and good processor( those are impossible to upgrade from what I heard or read) and add the rest later when I get more funds
  6. If 1080p is a must,then you can't find a laptop with a powerful graphic card
  7. Vlachnov said:
    The g74sx I was talking about. Good deal if it had 1080p, imo.

    Not sure what model you are looking at but I just purchased an 17.3" Asus G74SX, i7 processor, 12 gb ram(upgradeable to 16), Nvidia 560M graphics with 3gb dedicated video ram, twin 750gb drives and am currently running the display resolution at 1920x1080...
    An incredible beast of a laptop, I have had numerous machines in the past and this one is easily the best...a bit out of your acceptable price range though...bought on sale at London Drugs for $1499.99...
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