Catalyst 3.2 Driver Suite and OpenGL

Having ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, and DirecX 9a. Details are at my Rig.

Recently I upgraded my ATI display driver to Catalyst 3.2 Driver Suite. Shortly I became aware of that the OpenGL is missing from the new driver suite. The previous Catalyst that comes with the video card has OpenGL. I was able to configure my NEC MultiScan LCD display in more details with OpenGL. Anyone could confirm if ATI dropped OpenGL in its new release, and if there anything that can compensate the functionality of OpenGL for display settings?


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  1. This isn't normal, though some ATi user could confirm more.
    I suggest you still hold on for May 12-15 when Catalyst 3.4 launches.

    Also, no company will drop OpenGL support, ATi still supports it. Try Quake 3.

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
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