14 inch laptop with A8 with decent price?

I've been searching for 14inch laptops.

Previously, I've posted a thread about best budget laptops for gaming (less than $600)

Although I am super grateful for the answers to the post, I still want to know if there are laptops that are 14 inch with A8 (I dont expect a decent dedicated graphics card, so I'd rather have an APU, but at least a 6620g), since I personally prefer a small laptop, rather than a little bulky 15.6 inch laptop (17inch, oh god)

I'm a hardware noob, so I can't change CPUs in a laptop.

So.. anyone with any luck at finding 14~inch laptop with a8 and costing less than $600?
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    Hello mathnino

    @ Toshiba Direct you can order the CTO Satellite P740D 14" laptop.
    You can order the A8-3520M APU as an option. Depending on the options you want the price starts @ $629. I'd suggest getting the $15 Bluetooth option as well as the A8.
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