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I tried to reboot one of my laptops I got one done fine then I tried the other one and it now comes up boot manager missing :/ Dont know what I have done to it but some help would be good :)
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  1. You can try a Windows repair from the DVD. It should repair the bootmgr.
  2. I havent got the CD for it lol
  3. EasyBCD can do bootloader repairs.
  4. UBCD burn as iso load at start up go hdd /boot/mbrtool enter choice 5 it will ask u to confirm the option 1 or 2 depending on what windows u have then reboot and your good to go
  5. But it downloads it onto this laptop
  6. And you burn that download onto a CD and them use it to bootup the laptop.
  7. I cant get the other laptop to start up! It only comes up toshiba then straight after that it says boot manager missing!
  8. Try tapping the F12 key when you power on and then choose the CD/DVD drive.
  9. Ok will try that thanks
  10. go into mbrworks in the ubce choose to mark partition active then choose partition 1
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