Asus Laptops - Cheap Quality ??


Was wondering if ASUS netbooks are of cheap quality stuff ?

Well, i had brought a new laptop for Rs 48,000/- and the screen breaked from inside in just 1 month :(

Now they say its caused due to physical damage and new screen costs = 400$$ :fou: :fou:

However i have noticed they were many incidence similar to me and exact same problem as me :-

Lot of people have same problem, some of them in just 2 weeks some of them ( like me ) in 1 month :(
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  1. a general rule of thumb, if you buy something for cheap, it will be cheap quality.

    if you pay a lot, it will be high quality

    That being said, capitalist markets love to overprice things for having a brand name, which in reality doesn't define build quality
  2. Been a while so this info is about a year old.
    Reliability (fewest customer problems)
    Asus -> Tosibia -> Sony -> Dell -> HP/Acer. From best -> worst
    NOTE: Dell consumer models did not fair well, But their Corporate (more expensive) models are very good, but on that same token are generally based on older/proven tech.

    Not sure where samsung placed, but Samsung products generally fair very well on reliability.

    I have 1 very old compaq (predates HP buying compaq) still in use Probably 8-> 10 yrs old. It is still going strong, have only had to replace the CMOS Battery and the laptop battery. Two toshibias and the newest on is the Samsung RF-711
  3. Asus has one of the best reliability out of all the laptop vendors. Asus and Lenovo I would put in the top spots.

    First time I have seen a cracked screen where people where saying the laptop was just on and not being moved.

    The issue with such damage is that it's almost always caused by a physical hit or twist, so there is no way that the laptop vendor can replace them without a lot of proof. But the only proof is you saying what happened, where the nature of the damage points to something caused by abuse pretty well.

    Someone in another forum posted that ASUS should be liable because they can't prove that the user caused the damage, which is a bit untrue. There is no way to prove anything, aside from the fact that this type of damage is consistant with something hitting the screen.
  4. well, if you see Macbook Air, their were many screen cracks reported and Apple replaced all of them without any question, and now with Asus they don't care.

    + 400$ for a Display is too high i assume.
  5. My Asus eeePC 1001HA is "indestructible", been through all kinds of crazy knockdown because of the kids (4 & 7 years old).

    Asus Transformer TF101 (not the Prime) + keyboard is made really tough; you should see them play Fruit Ninja on it... I cringe everytime lol

    Dell XPS M1730 SLI + PhysX card is a friggin beast and won't die (3+ years old)

    old IBM Thinkpad A31 is another damn indestructible laptop...

    I've gotten the "good" batches it seems :D

    Just waiting on the next gen tablets (high resolution) next quarter and hopefully my streak of good luck with mobile devices will continue!
  6. You always good good and bad laptops at any pricepoint. but generally your bargain basement cheap laptop is cheap for a reason.
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