Looking for powerful laptop to work with 3d max

I am looking for powerful laptop for renders in 3d max, 2020, Revit and etc., due to travelling I am not able to work on PC.
My budget is $1500-2000 any ideas?
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  1. Hello PLEKS;

    There will be quite a few options in your price range.
    Help us out and answer a few of the other questions in the form shown in the sticky topic:
    Laptop Buyers FAQ
  2. Budget: $1500 - $2000

    Size size: 17"

    Screen resolution 1280 X 1024

    Portable laptop

    9-cell battery

    I am working with high resolution renders 3D Max, Revit, 2020 and etc.

    Hard Drive SDD 500 GB or 1 TB

    I want keep this laptop for 2-3 years

    Optical driveDVD ROM/Writer,Bluray ROM

    I really like Dell, but if there is something better would also work

    Canada, but can pick up in United States
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