Can I plug the cable modem directly to my hub?

I have a running ICS and network using two NICs on a Windows XP computer and a hub. My question is if it's posible to connect directly the cable modem to the hub and from the hub to the other computers including the one that shares the internet connection. All this considering that my ISP configures one NIC to connect to the Internet. If so, how should the NIC's be configured?
I would appreciate any comments or notions about this matter.
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  1. you could, only if your isp gives you more than one ip address. if you just want to share the connection without having to have the computer that is sharing it on all the time, you should look into a dsl router. it will do the job you want with only one wan ip, it gives your computers internal ip addresses.

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  2. Thanks for the answer. I will look for more information about routers and on how they work, to see if it would eventually work in my case...

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  3. You need to either get a router (which is the easiest and offers the most flexibility/protection) or you can use your 2nd nic in your machine and run it to the other machine you want to connect to using ICS.

  4. I think that's the way I will go. So thanks for advice...


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  5. to expand on this, you can run your 2nd NIC to the hub and then run multiple PC's to the other ports. You may need a crossover cable.

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  6. Just remember that the computer connected directly to the cable modem must be on to share the connection.

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  7. I used to have 2 nics in my PC connected to the net. 1 nec to the modem, 2nd on to the hub. 3 other pc hooked to hub with net access. Had to use some NAT software tho

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    Have sence got a router. MUCH better. now any PC can get online without needing any othere PC's powered on. Also was able to remove 2nd NIC and free up a PCI slot, and "Main" PC does not have to be running the NAT software (cuts into system resources)

    The router is def. the bet way to go.

    Good luck,

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