installing chinese win98 on brand machine

I have a friend who has an Acer machine that has English Windows 98 preinstalled. I have tried formatting and install Chinese Windows 98 instead. Only problem is that it refuses to startup all together. Any reason why that a "branded" machine refuses to let you install another type of OS? Any ideas much appreciated :)
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  1. It should let you install an OS on a fresh hard drive. Make sure you have the appropriate drivers installed for all devices. At what point does it crash? After everything is set up, or as you are installing? Another point during the process?

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  2. Had a cust that tried to do that, brought a sys in Aust and tried to load Win ME from Taiwan, the bios did not support it and she had to get a bios from Taiwan that would let her run it
  3. Thanks to all replying to this post... It apparently is something to do with the bios...
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