How did it know?!!!

I just made a fresh install on a drive that has never had an os on it with W8 RP.

When I went to IE9 all of my favourites and my browsing history for 3 weeks were there even though I had not installed them or imported them :??:

It was nice an handy but I'm wondering how W8 got them - are MS storing them somewhere?
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  1. As you said they must have come from somewhere. I have installed Windows 8 RC and I have not seen this.
  2. Haven't used IE for a while but Chrome synchronizes all those things if you log in to google. Maybe IE does that now. Where you logged into your Live account?
  3. I have installed Windows 8 RC
  4. You gotta remember, Windows 8 is not just about a new OS, it's also going to be a push from Microsoft to the cloud. So I think now nearly anything you do on any system you sign into is going to be open. So if you look for something on a system at home, and then go to a friend's house, you can sign into your Windows 8 account there, see your docs via Skydrive, browsing history, etc. I am speculating perhaps on part, but Microsoft is pushing toward the cloud. Even Office 2013 betas appear to already to be gearing up for cloud based technology. Though I have to learn about the cloud, I will likely be using a local account on my machine. I do not want all my data in the cloud. That's why I can build my home network and secure it for anything I want to store. I don't want Microsoft storing all my data. But I think the idea is they are going to give people 20gb through their Skydrive Cloud Service, and then after the 20gb, they can charge more for more data, in essence for Microsoft, you can make a lot of customers into monthly customers, as well as customers who buy a new OS every couple of years. However, does this mean Microsoft will eventually try to kill the desktop PC? Which personally I love my desktop. Hopefully by then Linux or another OS will be far enough along to where all my programs and games run.
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