I've had my ASUS laptop for 10 days. Tonight the media centre, which I didn't open, kept on opening automatically and every time you closed it would open again. I managed to get to the shut down button and shut the laptop down.

When I rebookedted the laptop it came up with the following message, however it does not let me do anything - it's like its just frozen unresponsive:

''Please select boot device:
Enter Setup''
Then it displays the up and down arrow and says to move selection ENTER to select boot device.

However as I mentioned, it does not allow you to do this.

A few days ago I downloaded my sons first christmas photos off of my camera ready to back up this weekend and didn't - and don't have them on the camera anymore - do you think I have lost them..I am absolutely gutted.

Please can someone help, i have tried to contact ASUS but the are 9-5 mon to fri.

Thanks, Jennie.
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  1. Jennie, in the worst case scenario, you havn't lost your son's first christmas photos. You can always take the HDD out of your laptop and use it as a slave drive with another computer to take the files off of it.

    First step I would say is to see if you can access your bios menu. You should be able to by pressing delete when the first screen appears when you start the laptop. If that works, then try to find the boot priority menu and make sure your wdc drive is on top. If it already is, try starting it in safe mode, and post your result.
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