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I am considering purchasing a new laptop, but am concerned that the video cards can't support decent gaming. I am not a big time gamer, but I'd like to play them on occasion. Do the video cards in today's laptops offer enough performance for part-time gaming???


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  1. Most of the NEw mobile chipsets support 'occasional' gaming. The ATI Radeon 9000 mobile and the GF 4XXX 4 go series are DX8.1 compatible (and trade performance firgures); the newer Radeon 9600 mobile and Fx5600 mobile are DX9 chips. The Radeon 9600 however is a much more powerful chip than the FX mobile according to all the press (which I don't have handy here at work, however there was a base comparison in this past months Maximum PC [may issue]).

    For the most part if you are just a casual gamer then the Radeon 7XXX or GF 4XX 4 go series will be good enough, for a little more (and respectable frames in UT2K3, etc.) then go with the R9000 or GF 4XXX 4 go or the new FX go. And if you want semi-desktop level performance, then go with the 9600 mobile chip.

    And once again, that's just my 2 frames worth.

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  2. There's aso one model from Dell that you can replace the video card in. I can't look it up right now as my bookmark is giving me error 404 but Toms used it in one of their reviews about a year ago.

    Check the mobile computing section on Toms webpage. He has several reviews of mobile graphics.

    For occasional gaming the radeon 9000 should be good enough.

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  3. Many laptops don't have decent response time for their screens. It's likely to see ghosting on those displays when playing games. I suggest you try one out first before you buy it.
  4. Ah, found it. The Dell Inspiron 8100 uses a daughterboard graphics card. In theory you can then buy a new daughterboard from Dell whenever you want to upgrade your mobile graphics chip.

    <b>EDIT:</b> <i>I did some more research and found that it's the entire 8xxx line that uses this daughterboard. The current model is the Inspiron 8500</i>

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