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Well, at the moment, i am currently using an ASUS G72GX series (as I type this) and well I love the big screen and the ability to use it's power to run many games and other programs. Unfortunately, I am now running into the problem of the screen being too big, and getting tired of hauling it around. I have had 17" screens before and didn't have this problem, but now I am wishing for a smaller yet great laptop. I do not want to sell my laptop that I am using but soon I will, since I want a replacement.
What I am looking for is a computer which I can run games (does not have to be the highest graphics but would not mind playing Starcraft 2 in mid high or so) and other future games like Generals 2 which I believe will be demanding given the fact it runs frostbite engine. And also use it for day to day basis, and I do want it portable so I can carry it and put it in my bag, so i do not have to have an extra large bag to carry my heavy laptop.

Um, other specs I would type down, but in all honesty, beggars cant be choosers. If a portable laptop was available to what it is i am trying to accomplish, then i would not change the specs in any way. In other words, I would say I want 4gbs of RAM but if there are laptops that have more RAM for cheaper OR the specifications are a little higher and would require more RAM (or possessor is also the case) then I won't say anything. Also would like to know if having an i3 or an i5 would be a better chance, or better luck having a laptop that is quadcore. Please, if anyone would make suggestions that would be great. I do have some specs from computers of what I would buy, but I do not know what the specs would do for me, I have pics i made of the specs of laptops of some stores and would like to know if they also would be good enough.
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  1. HP Pavilion dm4t Beats Edition
    Core i5-2430M 2.4 GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, 750GB 5400rpm HDD, 14" 1600x900 LCD w/Radeon HD 7470M graphics
    SC2 on medium graphics settings, Up to 7.0 hours of battery life, and 4.3lbs
    Generals 2 and other future games? Probably on low graphics.
  2. ok this looks good, however lol its a bit pricey, and i do not want to pay extra for beats, im not into that. If you guys wouldn't mind adding more suggestions?

    Sorry that this graphics thing is too much, if anything, I have decided that i would not want a portable laptop for games it but atleast be able to handle video editing and rendering, pretty much want a computer powerful, portable and easy to use and only use it for video editing and rendering since im going to use it for those reasons, and just as a portable laptop, ill keep my 17" "monster" for the heavy duty purposes, please ignore the GAMES part, i realize that i would need a VERY powerful and expensive laptop to do that.

    So if you would like to know what software im running, im using SONY vegas Ultimate FULL and also HVPR Hauppagge editing software. Like i said, just need something along those lines.
  3. Anyone?
  4. I don't know what generals 2 would depend on most but starcraft depends mostly on cpu and gpu usually matters little with low resolution monitors such as laptop monitors. Also whats your budget?

    Don't know but what about these? Smaller screen 14'' so not too big. $800
    or $680

    The difference is the first is i7 while the second is i5 and the first also has 8gb ram rather than 4gb. Rest is the same. Don't know your budget.
  5. Oh sorry, i guess i should have mentioned it. Well, I would say around $500 the most if i have to go an extra $100 i can let it slide, but not more than that. I see the lenovo however has 4gb RAM, which is i small for the price even though it's an i5. Also, what about more suggestions, someone has mentioned to me about dm4 HP or something but have no idea if thats good (Staples has it on sale for $549) thats what i was told but didnt know if that would do me justice.

    Well, forget games,

    So video games aside, just the video rendering and editing, I would like to see computers that would meet my needs as a portable and small yet have the power to do certain things such as editing video and maybe music to help out a friend. I woudl still prefer to stay 15" or 14" screen. Thanks for the read and help by the way.

    500 bucks.. quad core, nice graphics card. only 320 gigs of hard drive, but got great reviews.
  7. Hmm i dont see the bad reviews really. Still 350gb for that price is low, id ont mind having to upgrade HD but having to pay more and not have the good hard drive when laptops around those specs or close have alot more HD space. I will keep looking.
  8. I would also like to say that was not the best answer, i have found a much better cheaper laptop that has almost double that specs and cheaper. i am sorry but this site did not help me, so dont fool yourselves, sure i thank you guys for the effort but dont mislead others that this was my best interest. Thank you anyway. I still would come back for advice.
  9. Small, cheap and powerful is something that is very difficult to find. Therefore, it would be difficult to recommend something that fits your expectations.

    What laptop did you find?
  10. I actually found a website that allowed me to customize a laptop, the hard drive may be 320gb but always up-gradable, 15.4" screen, while the RAM is 8gb, i5 2430m processor. Free carrying case, i already have an OS Windows 7 so i can install it, so an extra $87 saved, all of this for about $560. There is no brand name, only called Xplorer X series. I think this will be a beast, and will be what i need.
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