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2 weeks ago i bought a new dell n5110 i7 2670QM system with gt525 dedicated graphics and when im doing average work on this machine the cpu and gpu temps are on average around 49C - 65C, but when i do graphic intensive tasks the temperatures would rise to as high as 90C very quickly. So im a little worried as to this is abnormal and harmful to the laptop!!! plz someone help on this stats!!!!!
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    Sounds a bit high to me. Since it is a recent purchase, I would contact Dell support and describe your problem to them.
  2. thnx fr the tip anyway. bt isn't there anyway other than contacting dell, to identify that there is something wrong with my laptop coz i've bought this one via a third party vendor as DELL itself is not available in my country!!!
  3. Other than going to a Dell support web site and checking the info there, the only other thing I could suggest is a laptop repair shop. Laptops are so integrated, it would be next to impossible for a consumer to fix. It could be several things causing it including defective assembly and/or components.
  4. yeah, I better get this to the dealer i bought it from!
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