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I have a HP Laserjet 1100 working fine on an old desktop that has a 25way "normal" parallel printer output. Now I want to use it on my Windows XP Laptop via USB. So I bought a USB to 25way female adaptor cable (from PLUSKOM), plugged existing HP cable into new adaptor cable, then USB into Laptop....bing bong..laptop recognised something. Then I "installed printer driver" from the list, tried to print test page but nothing happened. Any help anyone?
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  1. Thanks for your speedy reply. Not sure I understand your suggestion, could you give a newcomer a little more detail please. I am using XP SP3, I installed the standard "HP laserjet 1100 MS" driver offered by windows printer installer. Installed OK but when I try to print, the printer doesn't respond. I tried downloading "HP laserjet 1100" driver from HP site but still doesn't respond. (By "not rrespond" I mean that the driver seems to send the first tranche of data to the printer then fails because the printer doesn't react. The printer meanwhile is sitting with the green light on and never flashes the yellow light which it does when I use the printer with the old computer which has normal centronics 25way socket).
  2. dear anonymous1,
    I did the custom Windows Update, didn't really know what the updates were actually for but I downloaded and installed them all, it took ages. Tried the printer again but still no joy. Any other suggestions please?
  3. well, thanks for trying anyway....guess I'll just continue to use it with my old desktop computer until the toner runs out (which will be a couple of years).
  4. From the HP support site:
    "ECP parallel port recommended" check new adapter options. Also needs to be IEEE 1284 compatible.
    Other choices network shared printing or a parallel ethernet print server.
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