Cannot complete window xp mode setup

I am using windows 7 professional but at the end of setup, it says cannot complete the window xp mode setup. try it again
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  1. Could you list some system specs, and post a screen shot of the error?
  2. It is a new Acer Veriton L480G, Windows 7 Professional, 2GB ram, 160 GB hard disk. Right now, it says that window xp mode has already been installed but when I tried to run it, it start the setup again. Just don't know what is going on. By the way how to post a sceen shot
  3. When you take the screen shot, save it as a png file and upload it to an image hosting site, like ImageShack. Copy the link to the file provided by the hosting site. When you're creating a message (don't use the quick reply when trying to post an image unless you know the syntax and want to type it out manually) click the Insert Image button between the Insert URL and Insert Email buttons. A window will appear asking you for the link to the image. Paste the link and click OK. When you submit your reply, you should see the image as you uploaded it in your reply.

    If you let the install run all the way through after it says it's already installed, what happens?
  4. Right now, it works and I don't know exactly the reason. However, may be because I had the Microsoft virtual PC 2007 on my computer, even though I did uninstall it before I did the installation on the window xp mode.

    What I did is to install the virtual PC 2007 again, and when I run it, it says compatibility problem, so I uninstall it and reinstall the window xp mode and this time it works.

    Thanks for the help!
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