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Hello, I need to access my CMOS battery on my Asus K53SV laptop, however the backing seems very difficult to remove and I was wondering if anyone had a video or guide to show me the best way to safely remove the back to access the motherboard.
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  1. Hello jtylerroth;

    For what reason do you need to access your CMOS battery?
  2. Does it really matter? I just need to know how to remove the back. I flashed an updated bios and it must of installed wrong because my laptop will not turn on, i want to reset the bios.
  3. Nearly all recent notebooks (like your Asus K53SV) have flash based BIOS so removing the battery won't do a BIOS reset.

    Before you go tearing the laptop apart try using the F2 key at power on.
    Do you have the option to 'Reset to Default' there?
  4. No, the laptop wont even turn on, like bios doesnt come up or anything. power button doesn't light up, nothing happens. its as if the laptop were dead, but that isn't the case.
  5. So much for guidance like this: How to Reset ASUS Notebook BIOS

    Google isn't turning up anything.
    Did you find any clues in the Asus Support forums?
  6. Nope, I've had no luck whatsoever, been on google and asus support all morning :(
  7. ASUS K53 X53 A53 Series - Disassembly Instructions
  8. On a K53u you have to open the cover of RAM memory in the back of the laptop. Than you will see a connector with two red and two black wires. Take the battery out and unplug the small conector for two minutes. It resets the BIOS.
  9. I have the same problem, i flashed the BIOS and now doesnt turn on :( . Did anyone fixed it?
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