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I am a computer engineer/Gaming degree student. This up coming fall semester my school will require my degree to have a laptop. I would like something on the high end with a little flare. 1500 is my top i would like to spend less if possible based on my specs

the school recommends these specs:

CPU: Almost any relatively recent CPU will be adequate (where "recent" means "no more than two years old").
Recommended: Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 families, or any currently shipping AMD CPU with the exception of AMD Sempron or AMD Turion K8-E.
Memory (RAM): Minimum of 2GB. Recommended: 4GB.
Hard Drive: At least 250GB recommended.
Video: For CET students, either integrated (Intel) or discrete (nVidia or AMD/ATI) will suffice. For Digital Simulation & Gaming students, some classes will require discrete video. A DirectX 11/OpenGL 4 class GPU is recommended.
Networking: The Advanced Technology Center provides 802.11b/g wireless networking. For maximum flexibility, the availability of wired (Ethernet) networking is recommended
Video* bolded applies to me

I would like something around these specs:

CPU: i5 or i7. Quad core would be nice
Memory: 4gbs or more
HDD: 500 gbs or more. If possible 250gbs worth of SSD or maybe even a Raid on some SSD's
GPU/Video: an Nvidia Chip GTX 560m or up

i like the MSI GT683R-242US V1 but i was hoping by asking the community they could give me more options or insight.

Leds would be nice i dont want an Alienware. Also any insight as to MSI as a laptop Manufacturer would be great
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  1. ASUS G53SW/Sager NP8150 are both great choices
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