vga bios flash need help bad

i tried to flash my gainward geforce4 ti4200 today with the latest vga bios . i did it the way gainward explained and somehow all went wrong .when i flashed it mayed the ten beeps and had erased the eeprom and then it just hung there . i could not doing anything it was frozen no keyboard use at all. i had to shut it down cause nothing seemed to help .now i just get a black screen the pc can start up but the card is not working now.
does anyone know how to come back from this black screen of death.?
i need help bad.
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  1. oh man, this is bad
    I don't really know how to help, but I heard some people told me that you will need a PCI video card with you, and start computer with it, then re-flash your Ti4200 again with that card, I don't really know the detail, but you will need a PCI card for sure, that's all I can help for now, some experts here will help you much more than I do, prepare a pen and to copy them down~
  2. The first thing I'm gunna ask you is...did you back up your old bios....your probably going to say NO...also, I've flashed a few video bios's(my own two days ago) and NEVER had/seen/heard of the keyboard locking up...I mean, your in can that happen? did flash in dos didnt you?. I think you used the wrong .bin file. If your card was an ATi card I could help you alot more...your deffinately gunna need a pci video card to get out of this mess. Even if you have to buy a cheapo one and return it.
    Anyone reading this, please listen....if you mis-type ANYTHING during a video card bios flash, your going to have major headaches...
    If your going to flash a Radeon card, download the latest version of ATiflash, download the .bin file you need(bios)
    format a floppy and tick the tab that says copy system files.
    Once you have a bootable floppy, copy the ATiflash.exe program to it, then copy your particular .bin file to it.
    Set your system bios to boot from floppy.....restart..
    After reboot, you'll be in dos-world...
    Type= "atiflash -s 0 originalBIOS.bin" and press enter..
    That will dump your old bios and save it to the floppy.
    To flash to the new bios...type
    "atiflash -f -p 0 biosname.bin" press enter and reboot
    your the floppy somewhere safe because it contains your original bios.

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  3. i didnt back it up and i wish i would have left it alone,but that was then and this is now.i do have a few old pci do i go about reflashing using a pci card? i would need to know what to type when i get back in to the nvflash program. hope you guys can help me.
  4. i installed the pci video card and now can see in the dos mode. i tried to flash from here with the pci card installed. this is what the command line looks like
    A:\>nvflash -f gftiaa00.rom -u
    nvidia flash rom utility
    version 4.15
    chip namen=nv25 (253h), vendor id=10de, deviceid=0253
    opened g4tiaa00.rom successfully.
    checking supported eeprom...
    eeprom man,id,decode (9d,1b) : pmc 39lv512 3.0-3.6 64kx8, byte
    rom file and chip pci vendor , device ids match.
    Warning: romfile subsytem id (1219), doesnt match
    chip pci subsystem id (ffff)
    display will go blank for about ten seconds durning software eeprom erase.
    and then that cursor just blinks and nothing happens. any idea what to do now?
  5. does anyone out there know how to fix a bad vga flash?
  6. From what that thing is saying it looks like the bios that you got is bad, try to get a new one then reflash using pci card

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  7. i have the newest and the only one i could get from gainwards website. how do you get the pci card to flash the agp? is there anything special i have to type in the dos prompt?
  8. ok, I don't know exactly how to do, but that's what I think you can do, keep it in mind and see how people would reply before doing so
    I used an ATI's card, so I use ATI flash
    usually, when I need to type in Dos, this is last command I typed: "atiflash -p 0 new_bios.rom r"
    new_bios.rom is the rom I'm flashing to it, and r is for restart computer immediatly after flashing
    the 0 there stands for "Device 0" I believe, the primary VGA adapter of computer
    when you use a PCI's card to flash a second card (AGP card), I believe it's "1" instead of "0"
    so it would be "atiflash -p 1 new_bios.rom r"
    that's how I will try, but I'm not sure if it's right or wrong..
  9. *bump*

    has anyone ever come across this problem, and fix it?
    i know there has to be a way to get this working..
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