[Deck] Bay and Howl for Your Trophy

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Deck Name : Bay and Howl for Your Trophy
Author : Norman S. Brown Jr
Description :
My first attempt to turn Samantha into a trophy bearer. This is much more
focused on diablerie than any of my other Trophy Decks. You overwhelm your
prey with force of numbers and Bay and Howl Samantha out to put Red Lists
into play.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 1 max: 10 average: 5.25

4x Samantha 10 CEL OBF PRO ani tha bishop !Gangrel:2
1x Scarlet Carson O'T 4 CEL pro !Gangrel:3
1x Shane Grimald 4 ani dom pot !Gangrel:2
1x Wren 4 cel obf pro !Gangrel:2
1x Leon 3 ani for !Gangrel:2
1x Max Lowell 3 cel obf !Gangrel:2
1x Jesús Alcalá 2 cel !Gangrel:3
1x Sadie 2 pro !Gangrel:2
1x Antoinette DuChamp 1 cel pre Caitiff:2

Library [90 cards]

Action [13]
6x Flurry of Action
6x Red List
1x Tier of Souls

Combat [26]
6x Amaranth
4x Carrion Crows
4x Concealed Weapon
6x Flash
6x Psyche!

Equipment [5]
5x Desert Eagle

Master [21]
1x Animalism
5x Bay and Howl
3x Celerity
3x Gangrel Conspiracy
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
1x Trophy: Diablerie
2x Trophy: Domain
2x Trophy: Hunting Ground
2x Trophy: Progeny
1x Trophy: Retainers

Reaction [19]
6x Cats' Guidance
6x Instinctive Reaction
7x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Retainer [6]
1x J. S. Simmons, Esq.
3x Raven Spy
1x Robert Carter
1x Tasha Morgan

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Tue Sep 06 17:05:53 2005]
Comments Welcome,
Norman S. Brown, Jr
Archon of the Swamp
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad (More info?)

    I would suggest to replace all the flurry action bleeds with
    Why? well... they are an extra transfer when you Bay and Howl. And
    in the end, they are extra vampires that can eat vampires, and bleed
    for 1.

    I would use forced awakes instead of wakes... You seem to have alot of
    intercept. Try .44's instead of Desert eagles... And add a Trophy
    Wealth, to pay for the .44's. Sounds silly huh?
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