Copying data over to new hdd, question.

Hello All,
Well I thought it would be really cool to partition my hdd (win 7 installed first) and then try to install XP so i can dual boot. Wrong, PC is upset. This is how this is set up
HDD 1 (160 GB total): went into create partition in win 7, made a 40GB partition to install XP. Once I put the disk in and went into BIOS and chose to boot from the DVD drive, i got the "bootmgr.....hit ctl+alt+delete to restart" error. I tried to use the win 7 disk to fix this, but it did not work. And I couldn't even install XP either with the disk. So....that failed.

Then I figured I would just install win 7 on my WD 1 TB (HDD2), which worked like a charm.

My question to you guys is, can I just drag the program files from HDD1 and plunk them into the program files in HDD2? Will they work like they should or should I just reinstall all of them seperately?

Also, I plan on reformatting HDD1, partitioning, putting XP on it first, then trying to place the win 7 data from HDD2 on it, and dual booting from that HDD. Does this seem plausible?

Thanks for any help.
in case anyone needs:
AMD 720 BE x3 @ 3.3
asus m4a78t-e
4 gb g skill @ 1600
HDD1 wd 160gb
HDD2 wd 1 tb
xfx 4890 @ 900
corsair 750tx
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  1. yeah, that's the site i used. I followed the instructions and then it made my bootmgr error happen. I think it is easier to dual boot with xp installed first. I read some guys post about how the boot whatever from older OS XP over rides win 7s. Thanks for the link neways Scott.
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    You dont' need to reinstall - If you need to repair the boot loader: Boot to your Win 7 DVD and select Install. On the second screen, lower left of center, there is an option to Repair. Select that.

    When you installed XP second, what happened is XP over~wrote Win 7's boot manager with it's own. Unfortunatly, XP's boot manager does not know/understand how to boot Win 7. So you must put Win 7's loader back.
  3. I thought I tried that last night and it did not do anything. I will try it again when I get home and post on this thread to let you know if it worked. Mind you, XP is not installed in any sense on any HDD right now, it never was able to be installed.
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