DECK: The Stranger Among the Samedi

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Description: Samedi act as enforcers to the Salubri. Spirit Marionette
for them to block, use Vitae Block (makes it easier to burn opposing
vamps) followed by a Hidden Lurker. Combat consists of Withering,
press, Compress. Nose of the Hound to pick off specific targets and
added an intercet module of mine. Don't know if it's worth it. I am not
completely satisfied with my crypt but this does seem to be optimal
considering that I want to avoid having one that consists mostly of
high caps. Also Reg's +1 bleed goes a long way. Thoughts?

3 Reg Driscoll 8 aus for OBF pre THN Samedi:2
3 Blanche Hill 6 aus FOR OBE Salubri:2
2 Lithrac 5 for OBF thn Samedi:2
2 Miriam Benyona 5 AUS for obe Salubri:2
1 Peter Blaine 4 aus dom for Ventrue Antitribu:2
1 Juan Cali 3 aus dom Ventrue Antitribu:2

Master: 13 cards
5 Blood Doll
1 Sudden Reversal
1 Perfectionist
1 Guardian Angel
2 Auspex
1 Stranger Among Us
1 Powerbase: Montreal
1 Dreams of the Sphinx

Action: 17 cards
5 Renewed Vigor
2 Nose of the Hound
1 Sanguine Instruction
8 Spirit Marionette
1 Aranthebes, the Immortal

Action Modifier: 12 cards
8 Hidden Lurker
1 Repulsion
1 Neutral Guard
2 Freak Drive

Combat: 20 cards
7 Compress
6 Vitae Block
7 Withering

Reaction: 18 cards
5 Enhanced Senses
2 Precognition
2 Spirit's Touch
1 Melange
8 Wake with Evening's Freshness
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Spirit Marionette is definitely key here, acting as both bleed and rush
    in a sense where I can use it at superior on my predator, and thus
    running the chance at getting blocked. The vitae block/hidden
    lurker/withering/compress combo is pretty cool but smaller combos
    involving these cards work too. Can always Nose of the Hound on a
    withered minion and Vitae Block them before punching them into torpor,
    for instance.

    The average mid to high capacity does bug me some but Blanche Hill
    coupled with a perfectionist can make for interesting blood gain and I
    think the combat package is scary enough for them not to block her
    while hunting. Powerbase: Montreal is good here, can defend it some but
    more importantly gives me an extra action to take when I need to cycle
    Hidden Lurkers.
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