My laptop keeps switching off my internet connection

I have a Sony Vio VA-10.
Set to my main internet connection it is fine except for iTunes, the Apps are no showing properly in screen. But if I change to my other section that we put on purely for iTunes as I had had a problem sometime ago, the internet connection switches off within 60 seconds of going on to that part of my LT. If I try and Dianose the problem it states that the switch on my LT is set to Off, but sadly I have not touched it..
We have run Microsoft Security and it found a file called Trojan Download, this has been deleted all seemd well and then the whole issue started again. The security says the machine s clean.
Any ideas guys and gals..
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  1. I would bet there is still something there related to the virus. A backup of your data to something external and a reformat is the easy answer. Virus's are very hard to remove and you can never be sure your system is completely free. This would also help you to determine if it is a hardware problem. If you reinstall and it is still going on, then worry about the hardware. It could also be corrupted drivers, try uninstalling and reinstalling your network drivers.
  2. do a safe mode virus cleaning without network connected uninstall i tunse and reinstall the newer one,also use malwarebytes free for a complete scan in safe mode
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