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On saturday, we held a tournament, here in Tampere, Finland.

21 attendees, with a good healthy number coming from out-of-town.
Great time.
Had a piece of art as the mainprize again, influenced heavily by C.M
Coolidge's "Dogs playing poker" works, introducing Tariq, Lucinda,
Gilbert Duane, Cassandra - Magus Prime, The Beast, Theo Bell and
Timothy Crowley sitting at a table, playing cards..
Will try to procure a picture of the piece.

3 pre's and Finals.
A lot of bleed decks were seen, and infact, the finals had 4 bleed
decks and one rusher.
Also of note was the Mono-Julius deck, which got awarded (with beer)
for the most best original deck seen.
Yes. Mono-Julius. And it gained VP's. Imagine that.

I, on the other hand, was playing my Assamite bleed deck, and here's
how it went.

Round 1;

Me -> POT rushers -> Jaroslav and other random POT for -> Tremere
oddity (CEL THA ANI without Gora)

I received some pounding from my prey, but had a good setup for big
massive lunging. My prey pounded down his prey real fast, but luckily
the Tremere bled me for one, which I managed to bloat over and/or
deflect away.
I rescued my grandpreys minion when he was down to 5, and my prey at 7,
in hopes of him being able to withstand one more turn, and that I could
then lunge them both.
Alas, my prey Famedunked him, and well.. I had to lunge him then for
10, which lead to me getting removed from the table. All three minions
got dunked.

0 VP

2nd round;

Me -> Toreador PRE/obf -> Huitzilopochtli -> Tzimisce

A good start, yet again, with Suzanne Kadim and Tansu with Doll,
Perfectionist and a Laptop. First oust was from the Huitzilodeck with a
little help of bounce and bleeds from the Toreador. OBF DOM didnt hurt
much either. The Tzimisce just didnt tap into their intercept, and that
was about it.

Huitzilo got strong, and I managed to lunge out my prey.
Yet, in the end, Huitzilo had little on me, as I had a steady bloat of
2 going on, and his bleeds were lacking in size. I rapidly bled him out
as well.


3rd round;

Me -> Tremere oddities -> !Ven bleed -> Kiasyd whatnots

Managed to get a good start with two Perfectionist Dolls running
around, and seeing little reactions. Nice little bloat, the Kiasyd
didnt tap in to their bleeds, and I managed to run into my few
deflections when I needed to.
The !Ventrues ousted the Kiasyd, and then I ousted the Tremere.
I had more pool, and I bled for more, ergo the !Ventrues rapidly fell
as well.


6VP+2GW managed to get me tied for 2nd seed, and I lost the coin toss.
3rd seed.

Seating was as followed;

POT rusher -> Me -> Toreador PRE/obf -> THA multiaction Setites ->

Now, the one place I *DIDN'T* want to be, was as either the prey or
predator of the Potence deck. Yet, he was first seed, and chose to prey
me since I was "the only deck he knew of". Bummer.
Knew I had to play it safe.

I had down Kalinda, Zahir, Badr and another Badr.
Starting hand had a Doll, Perfectionist and a Web of Knives.
I chose to bring out only Kalinda, and proceeded to Doll,
Perfectionist, recruiting the Web and a Procurer. I claimed a steady
bloat of 2 per turn, and was glad to see the POT deck in problems, with
handjam. No rushes, but I still knew all they'd need was one turn, and
down would go my Kalinda and now two Web of Knives. Thankfully, the
Malkavians applied steady enough pressure on them, so that even if
they'd run into their rushes, I wouldnt be their main target.

In the meanwhile, my prey had taken meaby a total of 3 pool damage from
me, since I didnt really do much beyond bleed of one.
My prey had the Setites going down soon, but that was a nobrainer. Not
much I could do.
Soon, the Setites fell, and the Malkavians started to gain some
pressure from the Toreador as well. The POT deck was yet to receive a
single rush.
I brough out Badr and soon enough, Zahir as well.

Malkavians managed to oust the POT deck, but due to my Alamut enforced
Political Flux, gained only 1 pool. I was at that time sitting on ~16
pool, with a little help from Consanguineous boons and the whole game
lasted steady bloat. 5 minions.

Now, the Malkavians managed to get themselves ousted, leaving my prey
with (IIRC) 3 or 4 minions, but rougly 10 pool.
My steady bloat had won over his VP influenced bloat, and I managed to
oust him soon thereafter.

Now, funnythat, him being 5th seed and me 3rd.

Deck Name: Flurry of bleeds
Created By: Oko
Description: Bleed, untap, vote/recruit

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 19, Max: 31, Avg: 6,16)
1 Kalinda tha CEL OBF 6 Assamite
1 Yusuf aus obf qui CEL 5 Assamite
1 Zahir qui tha CEL OBF 6 Assamite
1 Abd al-Rashid obf CEL QUI 5 Assamite
1 Tansu Bekir cel OBF 4 Assamite
3 Yazid Tamari ani dom obf CEL QUI 8 Assamite
2 Suzanne Kadim aus dom obf CEL PRE 7 Toreador
2 Badr al-Budur cel dom qui OBF 5 Assamite

Library: (88 cards)
Master (18 cards)
1 Underworld Hunting Ground
1 From a Sinking Ship
1 Sudden Reversal
2 Heidelberg Castle, Germany
2 Perfectionist
5 Alamut
6 Blood Doll

Action (16 cards)
10 Flurry of Action
3 Web of Knives Recruit
3 Khabar: Glory

Action Modifier (28 cards)
4 Conditioning
4 Marked Path
5 Cloak the Gathering
4 Spying Mission
5 Faceless Night
6 Lost in Crowds

Political Action (6 cards)
2 Consanguineous Boon
1 Political Flux
3 Kine Resources Contested

Reaction (7 cards)
2 Wake with Evening`s Freshness
5 Deflection

Ally (2 cards)
2 Procurer

Retainer (3 cards)
1 Tasha Morgan
1 J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1 Robert Carter

Equipment (3 cards)
2 Laptop Computer
1 Learjet

Combo (5 cards)
5 Swallowed by the Night

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    I'd like to see a deck list of the setite deck with THA, sounds

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