2012 gaming laptop costs?

curious what you guys think about costs of gaming laptops now and what gaming laptop costs will be when Ivy Bridge is released as well as the Geforce 6 Series GPU;s. On xoticpc, i can build a 17" Sager, MSI, or Asus with i7 2630, 16gb RAM, 120gb SSD +750gb 7200 rpm, GTX 580M, dvd, upgraded wireless, windows professional, IC thermal, etc for $1900.

If i was to buy now, that is what I would get. If i wait till April/May, will the newest components run the same price or will a similiar build with newer components cost ...... $2400? On the flip side, the currently $1900 build should cost $1700 in a few months.

I'm just trying to figure out if I want to hold off till April/May or just buy now.
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  1. Hello

    There are always a few surprises when it comes to laptop graphics cards.
    For for laptop gaming - it's really mainly about the graphics cards.
    And it's always been 'you gotta pay to play' in gaming notebooks.
    THG Review: GTX 580M vs Radoen HD 6990M Review - Cutting Through Mobile Graphics Naming

    And the THG Review: GeForce GTX 580M SLI Vs. Radeon HD 6990M CrossFire

    Holding off till May? You can certainly expect a bump in performance (and probably a bit of a bump in price as well).
    Looking at the desktop parts and trying to figure out how much performance will make it over into the mobile parts has never been easy. That, at least, won't change.
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