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I picked up windows 7 a few months ago, everything was working okay but recently I have been having some issues. My internet is very fast and very stable. However when I surf the web no matter what web browser I am using the page either does not respond or it takes a LONG time to load. My laptop loads pages fine, I have tried reinstalling web browsers, clearing temp files, cookies, Everything. I have used firefox, IE, opera & chrome and it's all the same. Also with youtube videos they just sit and not do anything. My connection speed ranges from 17-20MB down 3-5mb up depending on time of day. I have comcast and I have called them, they have reset my modem from their switch and it fixed it for a little while but after a few days it started again. I tried updating the drivers of my router, I have a dlink 802.11g router and my computer has a Ralink RT61 Turbo Wireless card.

Any ideas?

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  1. Remote into your router and note IP address of the DNS server it is configured to use. Once you have the IP of the DNS server, go to Start, Run (or hit the Windows key + R on your keyboard) and type in cmd. Then copy/paste the following line and hit enter:

    netsh interface ip set dns "Local Area Connection" static (insert the DNS IP address here)

    ... where (insert the DNS IP address here) is the DNS server IP address you noted earlier. Now try browsing to any website and see if it loads any quicker.
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