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I am looking at this laptop on Newegg:

It looks good as far as price for components go, but while researching it I cannot find it on the ASUS website. Its like this model doesnt exist. I would love to find more information. It is not even in the sites support database. Does anyone know how long this has been on the market? Or have a link to more info on the item? And why it is not listed in the Asus product line?
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  1. Hello hamm81;

    It looks as those Asus is not excited about keeping it's various websites up-to-date. It's been around a few months. Asus A53SV webpage

    The A53SV is a good value in an entry level gaming notebook.
    The only one I like better ATM is the GeForce GT 550M equipped N53SN for $75 more.
    2yr warranty 1yr accidental damage policy included.
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