is it worth it? (graphics cards upgrade)

Hey everyone. My setup is about 2 years old now. Here are the specs:

Abit Kt7a
TBird 1.2ghz 266mhz fsb
512 mb pc 133 memory
ATI Radeon 64mb ddr (original series)

I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card. Is it worth it? Could someone suggest an appropiate card within the $200 range because it seems useless to buy the latest models and still be limited by the processor, which I do not intend to upgrade. I wanna keep my current setup for about another two years because of budget constraints. Thanks for the advice.
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  1. A GF4 TI-4400 should be in your price range.

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  2. Radeon 9600 PRO or 9500 PRO. Just as fast with better image quality than GeForceTi4400 and with DX 9.0 support.

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  3. All three are great cards. Personnally I would go with one of the Radeon cards because changing from catalyst to detonator (or vise versa) is best done with a clean install.
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  4. Looks good... right now I think i'm leaning towards the Ati cards... seems like more power for your $
  5. Ya, it would not be a dumb decision to buy a 9500 or 9600 Pro, because with those cards you can simply turn on some AA, which isnt cpu dependent, and youll get increased visuals and speed.
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  6. yeah you could probably hit 1.5ghz with that tbird


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