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Acer screwed me

So I bought a new computer from Acer that supports a dual hard drive setup. I installed my brand spanking new M4 SSD got it configured all set and ready to go then I went to install the second hard and IT WONT FIT!

Th cover on the bottom that you have to remove to gain access to the Hard drive bays Ram, CMOS, all that stuff has plastic supports that extend into the second hard drive bays making it impossible to insert the second hard drive and securely fasten the bay door.

Ive contacted Acer 3 times (Call, Chat, email) and they keep telling me to go to my local computer store and order the part......This is what they told me

Also we no longer able to provide a replacement cover for the second hard drive bay. In order to get further assistance regarding this issue you can contact any nearest local store.

Im kinda pissed about this. I have no problem purchasing the part I just cant find it! Anyone have any experience with this issue or could point me to a site that sells odds and ends components?

Please Toms you're my only hope...
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  1. It would be nice to know what the laptop is.........
  2. I don't suppose they happened to give you the part number?
  3. I usually check the service and repair manual for part numbers - nothing showing up online so far.

    It's not idea - DVD drive Hard Drive Caddy Adapter bay Acer 7750G
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    Can you just use a Dremel and grind down the pegs a few MM to allow for the 2nd Hard Drive to fit? I know it's not ideal, but it may be your only option in order to utilize the 2nd HDD.

    I found this -

    Is this what you need?
  5. Thanks WR2 I forgot to relist the model in my rage.

    jdenova007 - that's exactly what I'm looking for, and it also lists the brackets that I need!
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