explorer.exe screwing up

Recently Explorer.exe has been freezing, doing illegal operations, etc. over and over. Just opening up my computer causes an illegal operation most of the time. I could just be sitting on the desktop not doing anything and have it screw up on me. I am getting sick of having to end task explorer.exe and then run it again several times a day. that should probably be one of the more stable things in windows, right now it is the most unstable.
I haven't been toying with the registry or been runing anything that might screw up windows (such as hacks, tweaks, etc.). the only things I do are run norton windoctor on a regular basis and run spybot search and destroy every so often. I have been using both of those long before this problem took place, I doubt they would be the cause of it. Any ideas?
The only tweaking I have done on my computer is some slight overclocking, would that have an effect?

My comp:
Windows XP Pro (SP1)
PIII 800 (running at 852mhz 142X6)
Soyo SY-7VCA-E
512mb PC133
ATI Radeon 7500
(2) 120gb Maxtor 7200rpm ATA133
SB Live! Value

If you need more info plz ask!
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  1. It kinda sounds like you have a virus in your system, but you said that you use norton win doctor right? Do you also use just the regular version of Norton? I dont know much about windoctor. If windoctor isnt a way to fully scan for virii, I suggest you get a regular copy of Norton, update the virus definitions and then scan to see if you might have inadvertantly gota virus. good luck.

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  2. Same thing was happening to me... I didn't do anything to it and now it works great again. Go figure.

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  3. yeah explorer.exe does it about once daily to me.

    sometimes i can go for a couple of days without it going wrong though
  4. You every try running Windows XP without the service pack? The problems that I was having with stability went away after reinstalling Windows XP and just installing the critical updates needed <i>without SP1</i>.

    If you wanna read about my experiences with SP1, you can see my post <A HREF="http://forums.btvillarin.com/index.php?act=ST&f=61&t=1061" target="_new">here</A>.

    I hope that helps... :smile:

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  5. oh yeah BTW you don't actually need to use EXPLORER.EXE

    you can use other companys products instead such as one called "Geoshell" and a few others.
    these will replace EXPLORER.EXE and cahnge the user interface of windows. so will make you desktop look cooler as well as bypassing explorer.exe.

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