How to connect to wireless internet without service

How to connect to the internet without service?
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  1. You don't.

    Unless you go to public places that offer Wifi, you will not get access.

    Accessing any network, you do not have permission to access, to use the internet is illegal.
  2. ^exactly, and Im sure its against tom's hardware to discuss wifi hacking.
  3. It depends what sort of service you're without.
    Without *electric* service, you may still be okay, provided you're using a laptop with a good battery.
    Without *water/sewage* services, there's no problem whatsoever. Make sure you have a couple extra water bottles handy.
    Without *internet* service, you can't connect to the internet. That's kind of what the service is there for.
  4. Some places offer free-WIFi such as McDonald's resteraunts and such.
    Comcast is offering free WiFi in some areas so that you can use it around town if you already have their cable internet service.

    AT&T has free wireless hot spots also if you already have their service.
  5. If you don't have service, and non of your neighbors are kind enough to leave their wireless router open, then your SOL. How the heck did you post this anyway without service o_O. Anyway, you could also try boosting your signal. For example if there's a nearby Mc Donalds or Carls Jr with free service and it's in a direct line of sight from your roof you might be able to use an amplified directional wi-fi antenna to get a signal. That's a maybe, and your signal could cut out if the line of sight is interrupted like if a bird flies between that area for example :p.
  6. This guy is trolling.. 2 post..
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