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Hey, I want to get a laptop that can be used for gaming. Portability, battery life, and looks are really big aspects of my choice. Performance is also a given as a requirement. I have narrowed my search down to the Razer Blade, the macbook pro 15 or 17 inch, or the msi gt683/5 with a gtx 570/580m. The msi will just blow away the other two in performance but it has a HUGE power brick and is super super thick. Any thoughts?
(I would like to play most of the newest games on mediumish to high settings)
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  1. I don't really have a price limit, but I hope anyone can agree lower the better. Thank you.
  2. Hello TheEliteAurora;

    Sounds like the notebook with the best GPU will best meet your needs.
    Just don't like the marketing hype fool you - a GTX 580M is NOT a GTX 580.
    THG: Radeon HD 6990M And GeForce GTX 580M: A Beautiful Lie
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