I am locked out of my HP Touch and i forgot the password< help?

i had my computer for about a week and last night i took a sleepi g pill to go to bed and changed my password i cannot for the life of me remember the phrase bur i tried every thi ng that i could think of to no avail. do yoyu have any i nput that would help me unlock it as i telecommute for work and it is my most important tool?
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  1. don't post your email address and phone number. identity theft and spamming is very harmful.
    check out this link:
    you can use a password recovery disk if you have one.
    you can try to remember it later. next time make sure to store it in a secure place.
    don't change password under ddrug influence.
    you can contact your laptop manufacturer's customer support. make sure you provide proof of ownership.
    can't help you with anything else. discussing password bypassing/cracking is against tomshardware's rules. read it here:
  2. Facepalm.

    Actually this requires a double facepalm.

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