Blu-ray Upgrade in Dell Laptop

Ok so I am looking to upgrade my laptop. I am looking to install a new SSD and more RAM.

Laptop (Stock)
Dell Latitude D830
Intel Core2Duo T7500 2.2 GHz Dual Core
8X DVD+/-RW Drive
2 GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
120 GB 7,200 RPM HDD
Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M Graphics

So I am looking at these two upgrades that should be rather straight forward.
8 GB G.Skill RAM
90 GB OCZ Vertex 3 Sata III SSD
(I understand my MB does not support SATA III but I want to be able to use this SSD in other projects if need be)

So my main question is how difficult would it be to add a blu-ray drive to this setup. I've done alittle research and it seems this internal blu ray drive is supported by Dell and has the same dimensions as the drive it is replacing.

(Stock) 8X DVD+/-RW
(Upgrade to?) Blu-ray Drive

Will it fit? Does it have a driver that will work with W7 x64 Pro? Not sure how to determine whether there are drivers that will work on this model since it never came with this option. Also the connection on the back of the stock DVDRW drive is an IDE/PATA port while the Blu-ray is a SATA connection. Is there another Blu-ray drive to consider or maybe an adapter?

This might be a better choice for a Blu-ray drive?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Hello

    Panasonic UJ240 is a SATA optical drive and not compatible with the PATA/IDE ODD slot on your Latitude D830. UJ-225 ATAPI (IDE) is a match for that laptop.
    Any Slim Internal 12.7mm PATA/IDE drive would work.
    Follow the install guide for what every model you choose. Usually it's software first, then hardware.
  2. Max Supported RAM is 4GB. Unless you can confirm with a Latitude D830 owner who done a 8GB upgrade successfully, stick with four.
    200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) is the correct spec.

    So far, I can't confirm that laptop is even SATAII (3.0Gbps)
  3. My D830 is very similar in configuration to yours. The Panasonic UJ-225 (Dell XT409) slot-load Blu Ray will work correctly in this computer -- it is an IDE drive that was made in 2008 for one of the Dell XPS models. I bought mine off of EBay. You will need to install it in the media bay carrier that your existing DVD drive is in, but all the holes line up and it is pretty simple to do. You will also need to modify the bezel (very slightly) to accommodate the extractor button on the carrier. There's not really a driver needed to read files from a Blu Ray disk with Win 7, it supports this natively. However, Windows Media Player will not play Blue Ray movies, so you will need third party software (Win DVD Pro or Power DVD 12) to play a movie -- without doing something convoluted. Both work correctly for playing movies, but Win DVD causes an annoying flicker (on mine) whenever the control menu is visible.
    I hope this helps
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