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Geforce 4 problem

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May 24, 2003 4:18:49 PM

I just got a 64mb ddr Geforce 4 mx440 but windows xp is reporting it as a 32mb card. The video card bios screen that flashes when the computer starts shows it as 64mb but adapter properties in XP all say 32. What is going on?

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June 20, 2003 7:53:11 AM

Is it possible that the card only has 32 MB of RAM? Take a look on the card, physically - if there are open areas for RAM to be sodered, this could be so (though the MX440s can support 128 MB too, so maybe not) - at any rate, I do know that they manufacture a few cheaper GeForce4 MX cards with only 32 MB of RAM, just like they had limited runs of GeForce2 MX cards with a mere 16 MB (I owned one, actually, for those who might doubt). So my first theory might be that your card doesn't have the normal amount of RAM. Did you buy it from a place like Ebay or found on pricewatch, or in a store? If there's a reatil box, check to see if it says 64/32 MB of RAM. If it's a slash, then the box might be used to hold cards of both types, and yours has less RAM. Though I've never heard of it, it might be possible that the card has to borrow from system RAM to bring it up to a full 64, much like the onboard chipsets do. I've never heard of this, but might see it being possible...(though probably much slower and bothersome... and it would involve lots of interface issues, so probably is not possible). Okay - ahem - so failing all of that - try updating the drivers for the card. Windows XP has less than adequet drivers for videocards anyway - download some new ones from

Check your settings in BIOS... something strange might have been toggled there.

That's all I've got. Good luck on solving your solution.