HP laptop with Core i3 - Dedicated graphics necessary?

I am looking to get a new HP laptop with the Core i3. This will be my secondary computer since I have a pretty decent desktop already.

Now, I am wondering if I need to spend extra for the dedicated video card option? I am a college student so I would be using this laptop for CAD, statistics software, and watching videos on the internet.

Once in a while I may watch some DVD's, and maybe also some movie files on the TV through the HDMI connection. Definitely no gaming.

Can I get away with integraded video or will a dedicated video card make a HUGE difference? Thank you.
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  1. I assume your school is giving you a discount on HP laptops? What would be your price range?

    The i3's HD2000 graphics are okay, but sometimes they stutter during 1080p playback.

    Are the CAD programs you will be using 3D? (OpenGL based ect)

    If so you may wish to go for a slightly different alternative, maybe pay a few dollars more for cheap dedicated graphics.
  2. They can only give me discount on Dell ones, about $10.

    Actually I think I would rather do CAD on my desktop if I need to, since the laptop would only have 14" screen. My price range is about $500. HP is charging $75 for decicated graphics option.
  3. i would go with this asus with an i3. it will work fine with what you need and is only $380. Asus builds great laptops, I think they are built better than hp or dell in general.

  4. If you want cheap graphics, why not get a llano laptop.

    75$ might be worth it, but you have to say what kind of graphics exactly you're getting.
  5. 1GB Radeon(TM) HD 7450M Discrete Graphics [HDMI, VGA]
  6. If you want to do CAD, you might need a quadro/firepro GPU for acceleration. A gaming GPU may not help very much, and if you don't play games, you won't need one.
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