Should I get 9800 128mb or 256mb?

My parents are buying a computer for all of us and they will pay for up to a 9800pro 128mb to go along with the AMD 2500+ 512mb DDR333. I was thinking about spending the extra $100 to get the 256mb version, but is it really worth it? The 9800pro 128 is already complete and total overkill for most of my current games (don't laugh: Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed/High Stakes, Bleem, Tiger Woods, MS Flight Sim 2000, and The Sims). But I'm thinking about the future. I may buy Doom III and Half-Life 2, but those aren't THE reasons that I'm buying a Radeon. I will buy Splinter Cell, MS Flight Sim 2004, and IL2. Plus I do a lot of 3d modeling/movies. I'm not loaded, but I have the option of paying $100 out-of-pocket for a Radeon 9800 256mb. What should I do?

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  1. Honestly for the next couple years, the 128mb Version of the Radeon 9800 pro would just be more than fine. Ever since DX9 came out, games have been focusing on bandwidth and processing power and not storage. Unless you are into CAD or graphics artist, then the 256mb version would not be a good investment. I dont even think the mighty Doom 3 will require such firepower.
  2. what makes my voodoo 3000 obselete is that it has 16mb of ram, not because of direct X support.
  3. sorry dude your voodoo3 is obsolete on more levels than vram


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  4. What's a Voodoo? :tongue:

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  5. You get the 128, you'll regret not getting the 256. Then again, if you get the 256, your wallet is painful if you don't really use up the 256MB's up to you anyway... I've been telling nonsense these few days...
  6. I appreciate the input.

    I've since decided on the 128 for a number of reasons. With me going to Europe I can't afford another $100 for a video card. I really don't need the 256. Plus, its going to be a while before I see anything named "Radeon 9800 Pro," you'll know why if you hit up the WHAT HAPPENED??!! thread. Damn that guitar. (Just kidding, he's earned it)

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  7. it really depends on whether or not your the type of person that ran out and got the nforce 2 just for the little benchmark gain that running dual ddr gives you....I already had a 9700pro modded and pelted that gave me 20,202 3dmarks
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    but then I liked the challenge of pushing a new device and coming up with the mods for it so the 256 arrived and off I wnet....what gains so far????
    <A HREF="" target="_new">9800pro256ddrII=21,099</A>
    thats with a 9800pro 256ddr2 moded and oc'ed to 505core/405mem while the cpu is less oc'ed then while using the 9700pro. I overheated a coil in the process of that one on my 8rga! So without having to run my cpu at 2v+ the 9800 still comes out ahead.
    to me it was well worth it since I can just turn around and sell the 9700pro moded with a h20 rig to a buddy and cover the cost of this beast!

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  8. get the 128 megs, keep the cash.
  9. I'm surprised no one just yelled at you saying "Don't even get near a 256MB!"
    Seriously, it is the biggest waste of ressources, yes even worse than geForce FX!
    100$ more for this? ---> <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    If you're willing to play at 1600*1200 and 6X AA and 16X Anisotropic filtering, and want about 5FPS more than the 9800PRO 128MB in said games, then yeah, go for it. Of course I'd then say you're pretty bad at spending, but I think by now you've figured out the 256MB is only PR and a way to claim you got 256MB out on the market and want suckers to attach to it. Like a meat held up for a dog to jump salivating at.

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  10. Matt, what all have you done to your 9800?
    What mods, and what cooling are you using?
    Im getting 8 tweakmonster non-BGA zinc plated copper ramsinks (the bigger ones), and a Volcano 10 for the gpu (yeah im sure you got better cooling, but volcano 10 is plenty).

    Id like to do a volt mod, at least on the GPU.
    Ive only read a little on this subject.

    Please tell me what you did and all of what youre using, and the specs of the resistors that I would need, and where u got em.


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  11. mods-vcore only as I cant find the vddr measurement points since they didnt run the caps through the board this time around. Dont exceed 1.8v without vapor cooling!!!!!!!
    My card seems to be happiest around 1.76-1.77v
    resistance used- 10k variable...done the same way as 9700pro...only difference is that the default vcore for the 9800 is 1.7v.

    Cooling-swiftech mcw50-t 80 watt peltier with dedicated meanwell 320watt peltier power supply cooled by H2O rig consisting of mcp-300, swiftech dual 120mm radiator with dual 120mm y.s. tech 122.5cfm fans, acrylic bay resevoir.
    DDR cooled by 4 sunon 80mm 50cfm intakes mounted on thermaltake ducting mods with dual 80mm sunon 50 cfm exhaust at the rear of the card. Aluminum heat sinks work better unless you have massive fans to cool the copper, otherwise the copper will absorb the heat and hold it there rather then dissapate the heat as quickly as copper. I notice better performance from chopping up an aeroflow heat sink and using the parts then when using the tweakmonster heat sinks....tweakmonsters look cool though.
    Dont expect too much by way of gains though. Mine will oc on the core to about 505 before showing any artifacts.
    The ddr on mine seems to crap out at about 400-405.
    From what I can see the main gains over an overclocked 9700pro are that this bad boy is super stable. I have soldered in a voltage display from to monitor the vcore and whereas the 9700pro bounces all over while benching and under load the 9800pro holds steady voltage with the occasional fluctuation of .o1v

    good luck and let me know if you find a way to measure the vddr! :-)

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