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I recently got an HP dv6 laptop with dedicated Radeon 6490M graphics. I updated Catalyst Control Centre to 11.1 but now, any settings I change in the switchable graphics won't seem to save or stay when I press Apply as they revert back immediately. This is with the High Performance, Power-Saving, and Not Assigned settings.
Help would be appreciated :)
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  1. I checked it out but I'm not sure what it has to do with the Switchable Graphics. Also, I can't use any downloads from AMD as when I try, it says that I have to use the manufacturer's programs, which I guess is HP.
  2. for laptop you should always try the maker site for driver,they use to make specific one for there laptop
  3. As I've said many times on this board AMD/ATI GPU drivers are very buggy.
  4. give the exact model with all the number that go with i check hp
  5. HP Pavilion dv6t-6b00
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  7. I think I'll just try a system recovery to it's factory settings since I think it's the CCC that has a problem, but I don't have a recovery media yet to do so. I'll look into your link though first.
  8. I've already tried downloading and installing that but it didn't fix my problem. I used HP's Instant Support Professional and that was their solution, which didn't work. The second time, they said to recover my computer to factory settings, since it worked when I first got the laptop.
    By the way the model is the Pavilion dv6t-6b00 Quad Edition (I think since my CPU is quad-core). I think the download is the same though. Thanks for helping though :)
  9. this will lead you and check switchable graphic under video 3 line and click on to procees with catalyst
  10. scout_03 said: this will lead you and check switchable graphic under video 3 line and click on to procees with catalyst

    The link you gave doesn't seem to work. It just says sletect from the list below and it's blank.
  11. go to the right to support and driver click on it close the survey by pressing the x then you will see select your os choose the one you use and you get the driver page
  12. Hi. I managed to fix this problem today on my laptop. I happened to see your post while searching for a solution. What i did is i downloaded catalyst from hp drivers section(catalyst from ati website was giving me that problem). the driver that came with that catalyst didnt work, so i used windows update to get a working driver. so, in theory, what you would need to do is download catalyst from hp website, and while installing you select custom, and click next until it gives you a list of programs you wish to install. you should deselect all except catalyst. (do NOT install the gpu driver, ONLY catalyst)
    i will post a link for the driver for my laptop model, but since you will only need catalyst, it shouldnt be a problem.
    for windows 32bits ->
    for windows 64bits ->
    you could also search for your model, but i would recommend not installing the driver anyway. just get it from windows update, i supposed you already have the driver anyway. Good luck.
  13. Thanks to all you guys that replied :) Instead of trying to fix it though, I decided to perform a system recovery, which worked pretty well. Now the Catalyst works fine, although freezing a bit each time I click Apply, and my settings save. I hope this problem doesn't come back. If it does, then I will be very unhappy.

    Thanks again :)
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