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i need to format an old win 98 computer, but i have only re-formatted with a disk from the hard drive company. my question is how do i create a fdisk so i can whipe the drive? any ideas whould be usefull.

I have ATI Stock And a NVIDIA card
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  1. I usually set the BIOS to boot up from the CD, then windows will install. Sometimes it gave me a hard time, because there was already an operating system on there, so I been using FDISK ever since. I can’t recall if it formatted that way. Anyway you can download a bootdisk <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A> or make your own <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A>

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  2. Yeah, just boot off the floppy into real DOS mode and run the good old format command to wipe the drive.
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