Strange laptop sound

Hey guys wanted to give me quick opinion of my laptop sound is this normal

Iv been long time pc user but switch to laptop and not very into this thing yet so to ask ya.Some say its perfectly normal,but i dnt recall hearing this when bougth the laptop week ago.Its acer aspire 5750g i3 2.10ghz 4gb ram 500HDD
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  1. Sounds like your fan. May be its not set right or is loose or bearings are shot. Try and take a look at your fan, it should be accessible, see if you can see anything not right. If not, go back to Acer and see if they can help.
  2. i have to open the whole laptop so to look at it.
  3. Hello atSizzlers;

    It's certainly seems to be coming from that upper left quadrant where the cooling fan is probably located.
  4. The sound puts me in mind of a fan blade rubbing up against a foreign item (a piece of cardboard or other debris?). Or maybe something internal in the laptop near the path of the spinning fan blade - a wire drifting over near the fan?

    A bright light and a visual inspect of the exhaust port before diving into the internals?

    Acer Aspire 5750G Notebook review (not an identical model)
  5. Strangly i hit it a lill bit on the fan and noise aint so constant as it used.I suppose somethink is inside rubbing on the fan.So im gonna open it and check it
  6. *makes a note of that troubleshooting tip* "Whack the laptop"
  7. hahah :D now sound is less noticable when not playing game or watching video.Lol myself was afraid to open the laptop since its all electronics in there.So i blow up nicee air on it and seems it is part gone.
  8. I'd get to studying up on how to get at the fan if I were you.
    In the long term, I'd worry if it's some internal wire rubbing on the fan.
  9. Yea but if it was a wire wouldnt be non stop rubbing atm i hardly hear it.Btw i would study but older acers got it easier while on mine i must remove the whole back to check the fan
  10. Any rubbing on a wire is not a good thing.
    'hardly hear it' isn't the same thing as 'not rubbing'.
  11. I cant find anywhere on how to disamble 5750 series mate,not videos anywhere
  12. Still under warranty?
  13. Yes it is.
  14. I'd give Acer a chance to help you out. Nudge them a bit.
    See if you can get the service manual or fan access instructions from them.
  15. Nah im not americano mate so this acer is far from me,the company i bougth from ima go tommorow and ask em to open it for me and check it.Stil thx for replying
  16. No problem. Most tech's who work on laptops on a regular basis can handle that type of job.
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