Attaching new internal antenna

Adding wifi to laptops that never had them. Have a Tyco antenna with "flag" ends. Finally found a pic of another brand of laptop showing antenna.

Looks like flag ends are at upper left & right corners laying on top foil shield so that lcd panel will be next to them when reinstalled. Looks like maybe strapping tape holding wires in position. My Tyco looks like it has a small adhesive strip, so I'm assuming that's for attaching to the foil sheild. Sound right? If goes well, then will buy another Tyco for other laptop. Been checking, but haven't found a vendor with instructions. Geez.
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  1. Yes, that's about right. It's a pretty easy thing to do, really. the hardest part will be getting the cable from the LCD chassis to the lower chassis - not all machines have that room if they didn't have wireless to begin with.
  2. Thanks, frozenlead. I figured that the lid attachment part SHOULD be pretty easy, but just couldn't find any pics and I was stuck about how to handle the foil shield and where to physically attach the antenna ends. I'd already done what I thought would be the hard part and routed the cable through the bottom & hinges. Of course, needed the laptop, so had to take the cable back out - so I get to do that all over again.
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