Radeon 7500 and Freecell

Guys has anyone had any trouble with the Radeon card and Freecell, I installed a 7500 card in by brothers pc and everything runs well except Freecell, now I dont care about it but my brothers wife plays it all the time and now she cant, so Hes getting it in the neck and so am I, any ideas?

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  1. Uninstall the "games" in windows and reinstall them? That's where I'd start since it sounds like a specific error for the one game.

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  2. Remove the HSF from the card, goop a ton of AS3 on there, reinstall the HSF, then overclock it till it bleeds....
    Solitaire is a very graphically demanding game....
    Also, see if you can run it in OpenGl, that would look nice.

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